Powerful Dragon #1

Mikko Lehtonen

Pahakurki | Founder

I'm a long time gamer, and a crypto enthusiast. I work as a technical support engineer and I'm on the last stretch on finishing engineering school.

Powerful Dragon #1

Shahen Algoo

Nameless | Lead Developer

I spent the last 10 years working on awesome projects with amazing people, and have my own tech startups.

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Ryan Konovaloff

Ruski | Marketing Lead

I currently run digital marketing full time for a large corporation in the U.S. Extremely excited about the future of this project and crypto as a whole. Husband, father, gamer, and a blessed individual overall.

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Shahil Algoo

Ghost | Lead Game Dev

[Ghost is currently writing his epic bio!]

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Mansford Asante

Financial Expert

A highly qualified and experienced finance professional with several years of consulting in the private and public sectors.

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Crypto investor since 2017, Community Manager in POWER and VAPOR. #Blessed

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Jimmie Hill


Jimmie graduated with a bachelors in Psychology from Harvard University and currently is pursuing his MBA from University of New Haven.

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Partnership Manager

A mod/helper in multiple NFT communities, my main goal is to connect myself and our project as well as humanly possible.

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Discord Lead/Mod

Full Time Electrical and Energy Engineer in my own company Crypto investor since 2017, FTM Alpha Friendz Builder.

Powerful Dragon #1


Discord Mod

Community mod for Corkscrew Financial, helper for Power. Looking for solutions to make a better world for everybody.